Riviera F

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Riviera F was formed by Alexa Marlen and Kairo Sin, after meeting at a London art college.
With influences such as Pet Shop Boys, Pulp, The Slits, Chic, Sparks and Giorgio Moroder, Alexa and Kairo wanted to create their own sound and started the band together, recording demos and playing shows in London clubs. They played their first ever gig on the late BBC John Peel's Radio One show and then released their debut EP International Lover on Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and Steven Duffy’s label Tape Modern. The EP was produced by Rhodes and the International Lover video is starring Titanic, Twin Peaks and Zoolander's Billy Zane (yes, really). Riviera F’s album Another City, Another Plan is available on Germ Free Records.

Heavy Sixer

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Heavy Sixer is a London based eclectic/electric weirdo, filmmaker and musician from rural Ohio, USA.
He records and produces all of his music in his home studio and never performed a live show. Some of his unreleased music is also available to listen to on Soundcloud. Mondo Evolvo is his debut album. Heavy Sixer describes the album as a 'Slimecore concept album' which should be listened to from start to finish, preferably blasted out as the background music to a gruesome cinematic killing scene, somewhere in suberban middle America. Heavy Sixer's influences include 80s porn music, David Lynch, Tobacco, serial killers, mustaches, Nintendo NES and Beach Boys. The album is now available on Germ Free Records as a digital release.