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Welcome to Germ Free Records. We like it clean

Germ Free Records is a London based electro-pop music label created by Alexa Marlen and Kairo Sin of the band Riviera F. It was conceived as a vehicle for their debut album in 2010 after experiencing both small and large indie labels for previous releases. The label now deals with all aspects of production, distribution, promotion and PR in both the UK and globally.


Germ Free Records is now home to Riviera F and has released the band's debut album 'Another City Another Plan'. Heavy Sixer is the other artist signed on the label. His first album 'Mondo Evolvo' was released on Germ Free and is available as a digital release.

Riviera F

Riviera F is Alexa Marlen and Kairo Sin, an electronic/ New Wave pop duo based in London with influences such as Pet Shop Boys, Pulp, The Slits, Chic, Sparks and Giorgio Moroder.

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Heavy Sixer

Heavy Sixer is a one man show electro/ Slimecore Ohio based musician and artist. He records and produces all of his music in his home studio and never performed a live show.

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